We are passionate about people.

Practical People Solutions.


Building Happier Workplaces

We have a clear Purpose; to inspire business owners to build happier workplaces.

And we are on a Mission; we believe that HAPPY employees DIRECTLY impact the bottom line.

Delivering a happy workplace does not mean ping-pong tables, popcorn, and free beer. It means putting people first.

We will inspire you to create an environment and inclusive culture where policies & practices are compliant, where people are positively challenged, where growth and learning opportunities exist for all, and most importantly, where people feel that their contributions to a greater purpose matter.

We are passionate about people, collaboration, and delivering results in an impactful way.

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people”

Julie Bevacqua

Our Values

The basic & fundamental beliefs that guide our actions

We are human, and just like you and your employees, we have successes and challenges. The decisions we make in our everyday activities embody our human values. 



We are Happy people! We keep a positive mindset because we know that not-so-great days will pass. We enjoy our work and continuously developing ourselves. We get excited about helping others.


We are unique in our approach to human resources and health & safety. We don’t follow a script or templates. We are creative outside the box types.


Our actions are purposeful, our work is valuable, and we believe in bringing that to each other and our clients in a meaningful way.


We show up every day with our authentic selves. We are real. We are genuine. We are accountable. We do the right thing, always.

No Excuses

We don’t do excuses; we are humble, realistic, and honest. We will be upfront about what we can and cannot provide you.


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Our team of experts are here for you.

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