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Building Happier Workplaces

We have a clear Purpose; to inspire business owners to build happier workplaces.

And we are on a Mission; we believe that HAPPY employees DIRECTLY impact the bottom line.

Delivering a happy workplace does not mean ping-pong tables, popcorn, and free beer. It means putting people first.

We provide the tools, framework, and leadership to implement change that creates compliance, enhances communication, develops connections, and elicits contribution, positively impacting the bottom line and workforce.

We are passionate about people, collaboration, and delivering results in an impactful way.

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people”

Julie Bevacqua

Our Values

The basic & fundamental beliefs that guide our actions

We are human, and just like you and your employees, we have successes and challenges. The decisions we make in our everyday activities embody our human values. 



We are Happy people! We keep a positive mindset because we know that not-so-great days will pass. We enjoy our work and continuously developing ourselves. We get excited about helping others.


We foster inclusion with our team, clients, and partners. We accept each other and seek to understand other perspectives to work in unison together.


Our actions are purposeful, our work is valuable, and we believe in bringing that to each other and our clients in a meaningful way.


We show up every day with our authentic selves. We are real. We are genuine. We are accountable. We do the right thing, always.


We are committed to innovation, challenging the status quo, and embracing change so that we can stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing environment.


Meet the Team

At Oxford HR we believe that the strength of our HR solutions lies in the expertise and passion of our team.  They are not just the backbone of our operations but the heart and soul of every strategy we devise. These are the faces powering our HR solution.

Erin 3C

Erin Stephens


I’m a mother of two, one a Paramedic in Sudbury and the other a law student at Wilfred Laurier. My dedication to ethical business formed the Oxford Human Resources Group. With 20 years in HR and safety across various sectors, I also teach at Conestoga College. Currently, studying Communications at Western University, I hold diplomas from Niagara and Conestoga and am recognized as a CHRL and CRSP. My educational journey is complemented by my love for coffee.

I have two incredible daughters (of course, I am biased), one is now adulting as a Paramedic in Sudbury, Ontario, and the other is discovering her passion for law at Wilfred Laurier University. Watching them start their first jobs, grow, and develop into bright young women has been an amazing experience that I am thankful for and why I get out there every day to change the future of work and build happier workplaces.

Oxford Human Resources Group was born out of my passion for people and doing the right thing in business. I have a mission to inspire business owners to create happier workplaces. I genuinely believe that in business, we can create compliance and an engaged workforce that drives the business forward. It does not matter how technology changes our business; we are human and will always relate to each other on that level.

I like to think of myself as a driven, results-oriented, strategic human resources and occupational health & safety professional. I have over 20 years of exciting and complex experience. I have served leaders and employees in both federally & provincially regulated workplaces in various industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications, construction, health care, retail, and service. I also enjoy the fun of teaching new HR & Safety professionals as an instructor with Conestoga College, teaching in the Human Resources Management and Occupational Health & Wellness programs.

I believe in lifelong learning. I am a perpetual student, currently enrolled in the Occupational Health & Safety program at the University of Fredericton. I hold a College Diploma in Finance & Accounting from Niagara College and diplomas in Human Resources Management and Occupational Health & Safety from Conestoga College.

Additionally, I am proud to hold my Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation from the Ontario Human Resources Professional Association and my Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation from the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

PS ~ I love coffee. A lot.

Clarissa Swan

Clarissa Swan


With over 8 years in administration, I specialize in Human Resources, backed by a Diploma from Fanshawe College. I’m dedicated to propelling both individual careers and business HR goals towards success. Personally, I’m a parent eagerly awaiting a new addition in Fall 2023, just as my daughter begins kindergarten. My family also includes two devoted dogs and a delightful cat. I’m keen to partner with you on our shared journey to HR triumph. Let’s soar together! 🚀 #HRChampion

I’m on a mission to fuel the success of both individuals in their career journeys and businesses in their HR journey. With over 8 years of experience in the administrative world, I’ve honed my skills and now specialize in Human Resources. My passion is to help you craft effective, robust career and business goals that drive success.

I proudly hold a Diploma in Human Resources Management from Fanshawe College, and I’m thrilled about the prospect of further enhancing these skills while championing the triumphs of businesses and individuals alike.

On a personal note, I’m a proud parent to an amazing daughter, with an exciting addition on the way in the Fall of 2023 (right around the time my daughter starts kindergarten – talk about timing!). Witnessing my daughter’s growth is a constant joy, and I can’t wait to see her step into her role as a big sister. 😊

My family extends to two loyal dogs and a charming cat, and I cherish every moment spent with them in our free time.

I’m eagerly looking forward to collaborating with you and supporting your HR goals. Reach out, so I can support your organizational goals at cswan@oxfordhrgroup.ca. Let’s embark on this journey to success together! 🚀 #HRChampion

Studio headshots for Kristen in Edmonton with corporate headshot photographer at Impirica in December on a white backdrop

Kristen Salerno

Digital Marketing

A seasoned Digital Marketing expert with six years of experience in conveying powerful stories and brand messages through video and social media. Dedicated to simplifying in today’s complex information age, Kristen aims to turn intricate ideas into relatable content that builds authentic connections. Outside her professional life.

Hey there! I’m Kristen Salerno, a Digital Marketing professional with a passion for creating meaningful connections through storytelling. With six years in the field, I’ve honed my skills in crafting compelling stories and clear brand messages using video and social media.

In this age of information overload, I am all about keeping things simple. My goal is to help companies connect with their audiences by transforming complex ideas into relatable content that forges genuine, lasting connections.

Beyond the digital realm, I’m a passionate animal lover and often volunteer at local sanctuaries. At home, I’m busy training my pups in agility and basic obedience, a true testament to my patient and persistent nature. (If you’ve ever tackled training a border collie, you’ll understand!)

When I’m not immersed in animal antics, you’ll find me whipping something up in the kitchen. Fresh pasta and sourdough bread are my specialties.

Feel free to reach out anytime at ksalerno@remotelysocial.ca. Let’s connect and create something wonderful!


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