Coffee and Books!

While I am enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee this morning, I thought I’d jot down some thoughts on one of my personal favourites, “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott.

It’s a great book on leadership and management that offers a framework for building authentic relationships with employees.

The main idea, but not a new idea, of the book is that leaders can be both caring and challenging at the same time and that this balance of radical candor can lead to better outcomes for both the employee and the business.

I love that the book provides a solid framework for providing feedback that is both honest and empathetic, which Scott refers to as “Radical Candor.” She argues that this approach to feedback is critical for building strong relationships with employees and in creating a work environment that encourages growth and development. The book provides examples and case studies of companies that have successfully implemented this approach and provides tools and strategies for building better relationships with employees.

The book also covers the importance of creating a culture of radical candor, where feedback is encouraged and valued and where employees are given the freedom to be honest with one another. Scott indicates that this framework can help to create a more open and transparent workplace where employees feel valued and where speaking up is welcomed. I would add that this leads to a happier & high-performing culture.

Overall, I felt it is a well-written and insightful book that provides a fresh perspective on leadership and management. It offers practical and actionable advice for building better quality relationships with employees and creating a more effective and happier workplace.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting out, this book is well worth the read!


~ Erin



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